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Anjula Rajapaksha

Anjula Rajapaksha is very hot looking sexiest actress in Sri Lankan TV dramas. She is a very attractive slim actress with a great accent . Her performance in And Company and Nil Nethu mega serial really great and she got much attention for those performances in above teledramas. Anjula Rajapaksha is also acted several films and also signed several films which plan to shoot recently.Anjula Rajapaksa represents Sri Lankan television sector over a long time and maintain her reputation as the hot actress with great performance skills. She is now much more popular in Sinhala serial teledramas and in most of her performance are based on negative villain characters.

Anjula Rajapaksha is one of the leading icon on Sri Lankan megaserial industry and she performed so many mega serials and teledramas during her entertainment career. Anjuala is also much popular for fashion modeling and she got a great sense of current fashions. You can see more latest hot picture collection of this sexiest Sri Lankan Actress Anjula Rajapaksha in bellow and plan to post so many of them in near future.
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